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Sunday, May 16, 2010


usually i am finishing all my homework on sunday night.... but not this weekend !!!! i finished all my homework on friday, and also went to the beach on friday, i do have to admit i was up to like --- 12 that night finishing my poster. anyway i'm really excited because 1) i've just been lying around for saturday and today, 2) because it's the first time this has happened this whole year!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interviwe with a Karin...

me - what are your favorite colors?
Karin - Terquaise and Chartreuse.
me - how old are you?
Karin - 38
me - what town do you live in?
Karin - encinitas.
me - what town did you live in when you where little?
Karin - encinitas.
me - what do you like to do? (hobbies)
Karin - painting, gardening, sewing,and stand up paddleboarding.
me - are you married? Why?
Karin - yes! I don't know yet.
me - do you have any pets? What are their names?
Karin - 2 dogs, 3 cats 6 chickens, and a beehive. Their names are: Blue, and Eddie. Betty Bobby, and Max. Alice, Pearl, Rubby, Lemondrop, Daisy, and Olive. And all the bees.
me - wow!!! Who is your favorite art student?
Karin - Carol, because she always brings me Pannikin coffee to class, and because she introduced me to Fru.
me - what do you do for a living?
Karin - I am an artist.
me - really? where do you sell your stuff?
Karin - at:
me - what is your favorite food?
Karin - Mexican food.

Monday, April 19, 2010

This week in school we are taking a whole bunch of tests, and they're not just any kind of tests, they're STAR TESTS!!! EEEEK! the STAR stands for: Standardized Testing And Reporting...
Pretty simple, but we have to take Language Arts AND Math star tests! 2 days of Language Arts and 2 days of Math, for the first 2 days we take Language Arts, and the last two days, obviously, Math. Today (April 19th) was the first day of star tests, and we had to answer 37 questions. This is how it works: you read a passage with a couple hundred words and answer about 6 questions about that passage, and my class had 37 questions that we had to answer this morning. But the up side to all this is that you only have to do it once a year, and that my teacher gives us mints before we start.

hanging with my old friends...

I have not seen any of my 5th grade classmates yet since the school year ended. ( except Molly and Ava my really good friends.) although i have been texting with Will my friend, and we both said we have not seen each other for such a long time that we decided on meeting at the fourm with Tristan, Will's and my friend from 5th grade. So on Saturday (April 17th) we all met at the fourm, and first went to the apple store to check out the awesome ipad, then went to Borders to get something to eat, but there wasn't a Starbucks, we went to Cold Stone and got ice scream, found a table and talked about last year, and about school, and other things like how our other friends are doing.
The next day I chatted with Will on Gmail, and I am, and maybe my best friend Emma, are meeting up with Will and maybe Tristan at dog beach on the weekend. I was so nice to see my old friends, and talk about things that were funny, and just chat.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

made it!!!

OK!!! i have been waiting all weekend to know if i made the U13 copeditive soccer team............................................................ and ................. I MADE IT !!!!! but my MOM is now thinking maybe to not let me play so ya i am on needles... so i have to run, to do the rest of my homework... but i just wanted to let you guys know...

Friday, March 5, 2010

yay!karin!!! you are following my blog!!!

soccer try-outs!

alright! you guys know what soccer try-outs are... well i tried out for a competitive soccer team. i was pretty nervas and my friend Emma was talking about what i was going to have to do to get in, because she went the week before... and she also was teaching me some plays and tricks i could show off in front of the coaches... so when we got there, she came with me, the coaches just gave us pennys and told us our positions, and we started playing... and this weekend i will find out if i got in!!! but the whole funny part to this story is that my mom would NOT let me try-out, but after my coach talked to my mom, my mom said ok. So it turns out my COACH talked my MOM into ME going to soccer try-outs!