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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interviwe with a Karin...

me - what are your favorite colors?
Karin - Terquaise and Chartreuse.
me - how old are you?
Karin - 38
me - what town do you live in?
Karin - encinitas.
me - what town did you live in when you where little?
Karin - encinitas.
me - what do you like to do? (hobbies)
Karin - painting, gardening, sewing,and stand up paddleboarding.
me - are you married? Why?
Karin - yes! I don't know yet.
me - do you have any pets? What are their names?
Karin - 2 dogs, 3 cats 6 chickens, and a beehive. Their names are: Blue, and Eddie. Betty Bobby, and Max. Alice, Pearl, Rubby, Lemondrop, Daisy, and Olive. And all the bees.
me - wow!!! Who is your favorite art student?
Karin - Carol, because she always brings me Pannikin coffee to class, and because she introduced me to Fru.
me - what do you do for a living?
Karin - I am an artist.
me - really? where do you sell your stuff?
Karin - at:
me - what is your favorite food?
Karin - Mexican food.

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